Introduction to the Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Brush Set

Hello, everyone! Long time no blog! My boyfriend and I just got back from Florida. FYI, the flight was awful because I flew through Spirit Airlines. I’ve flown with them before so I already knew that it was going to suck. Check out if you hate Spirit, too, or if you share similar feelings for another airline. Spirit will give you 8,000 Spirit Miles for venting your 140-character frustrations. I recommend that you use your miles on magazines, they actually have a pretty good selection.

Because Spirit is so cheap I only brought an overnight bag so I didn’t return with many souvenirs. I did, however, bring this baby back.


Feast your eyes on Sonia Kashuk’s 15th Anniversary Brush Set!

I believe this is the largest brush set that has been offered by Miss Kashuk. At $2.67 (pre-tax) per brush, this collection is an incredible deal. The eggplant colored handles with the gold accent tips add a touch of elegance to the exotic radiant orchid colored bristles. Most of the bristles are made with luxuriously soft [cruelty-free] goat hair. Even after washing the brushes with baby shampoo, all of the brushes had retained their original softness. Personally, I hardly experienced any shedding.

Sonia Kashuk’s brushes are known for professional quality at drugstore prices. Having a retailer like a Target cuts costs for both Sonia and the consumer. Everybody wins!

*This set is limited edition and will only be sold until October so if you want it and you see it, grab it and buy it!

Have you tried any products by Sonia Kashuk? Share your experiences in the comments! Also, let me know if you would like a more detailed review on this brush set.


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