“If you have haters, you must be doing something right.”

Unfortunately this is not the case for Spirit Airlines. I’ve actually had the unpleasure of flying this airline in April. My flight was overbooked so my boyfriend and I volunteered our seats. In return we were both compensated with “two free round trip tickets each.” These were supposed to be valid for two months but they expired after a week. With a lot of patience and time wasted through the automated customer service (you have to begin booking a flight just to speak to someone), they issued us new vouchers. I was told that these vouchers were worth $500 each but it only applied about $200 at checkout. Their customer service is terrible. When I finally got through to speak to an actual person, I was placed on hold for the majority of the phone call and while they continually apologized for the wait, the woman I was speaking to had such a frustrated tone with me. Come on! She gets paid to be on the phone with me! I, on the other hand didn’t get paid to talk to her but I still had the civility to keep some composure.

This airline sucks. You have to pay for a carry on. You have to pay to choose a seat (I didn’t and I ended up all the way in the back with absolutely no leg room. I’m quite petite so I’m sure that it was worse for my boyfriend.) Bad customer service. Last but not least, their “free flight vouchers” do not even cover the total cost of the flight. I used two $500 vouchers on a $600 flight and still ended up paying $200. How is that even possible!?!

What’s even worse is that they know that they are the worst airline ever. Sprit Airlines is currently accepting hate mail and in return they are giving out 8,000 Free Spirit miles. The catch is that they only give you 140 characters to explain how much you hate them.