Free Summer School

Depending on how you choose to see it, Sunday may be the first day or the last day of your week but school almost always starts on a Monday. If you’re interested in spending this Summer learning, there are wonderful resource centers called “libraries” that the public can use for research 😛

There are 91 LA County libraries and fortunately for me, I live fairly close to one. If this particular library doesn’t carry the book I need, I can have the book shipped over to this library from one of the other 90. No extra travel required!

A smaller library from a different county actually ordered a brand new book for me because the title was not available.

Develop the leader within you. Learn a new language in 7 days. Think and grow rich. Master the art of French cooking. Start a blog. Go to the library!

I have been gaining more knowledge about skincare and makeup artistry.

What skills do you plan to polish this summer? Share your aspirations in the comments!