Biggest Party of the Year!

7-Eleven turned 87 today and this year their birthday party is going to be a little more extravagant. Traditionally, 7-Eleven shares a free 12oz Slurpee with their customers to celebrate their special day. This year, the celebration will last 9 days.

Anyone and everyone can crash the party today. Come in and grab your slurpee! However, in order to be invited to the after-party, you need to download the 7-Eleven app on your phone. The app is completely free as with the treats you will receive for downloading it.

Here is a list of free goodies that the convenience store will be offering for the next nine days:

Everyone is welcome to come in today for this one:

• Friday, July 11: Small Slurpee

Those who have downloaded 7-Eleven’s app are eligible to receive the following:

• July 12: Big Gulp soft drink
• July 13: M&M’s Birthday Cake Flavor candies
• July 14: Grandma’s Cookies
• July 15: Hostess Twinkies
• July 16 Snickers or Twix brand ice cream bar
• July 17: Quaker Chewy Yogurt snack bar
• July 18: Pillsbury cookie
• July 19: Small Slurpee

If you are reading this on a smart phone, I suggest that you download the app right now so you don’t forget. If you are on a tablet or computer, you need to get up and get your slurpee!